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Facial assessment for aesthetic treatments

It is important to conduct a full facial assessment for aesthetic treatments before proceeding to the actual treatment. The ageing process involves changes in the facial anatomy. This process mostly affects the bones of the orbits, the cheekbones and the chin, as well as changes to the soft tissue, consisting of descent of the fat pads and weakening of the facial muscles. A sound knowledge of the facial anatomy, and taking into account the facial proportions, is required when assessing a patient for facial treatment with fillers, Botox or surgery.
An aesthetic facial assessment consultation lasts between 30 minutes and an hour. This is followed by a written report, then a ‘cooling off’ period for patients to decide whether they want to proceed.
At Clinica London, we do eyelid surgery in our own theatre and non-surgical facial aesthetics in one of the two treatment rooms. The non-surgical treatments include:

  • TearFill with Restylane for lower eyelid hollows (deep tear troughs)
  • Sculpt Eyes and Sculpt Visage with Sculptra ( poly L lactic acid biostimulation of your own deep collagen) for facial rejuvenation in the older patient.
  • Skin Boosters for more superficial facial hydration
  • Ultherapy ultrasonic treatment for non-surgical lifting and tightening of the face
  • Botox™ for wrinkles.

If you have any questions about our aesthetic treatments or would like to book a facial assessment, contact us.


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