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Why do you feel a foreign body sensation in your eye? – Part 2

1. Corneal foreign body

This is a general cause of foreign body sensation and represents a small bit of grit or organic material that blows into the eye either from the street as an occupational hazard or gardening or doing sport.

2. Conjunctival foreign body

Conjunctival foreign body is very similar to corneal except that the little bit of grit or foreign material gets caught underneath the upper eyelid and embeds into the tarsal conjunctiva. It rubs against the cornea causing typical sensations of scratches. An ophthalmologist can easily see linear scratches on the cornea by using a Fluorescein dye. Both corneal and conjunctival foreign bodies are easy to remove.

3. Corneal abrasion

A corneal abrasion occurs from a sharp injury. The main thing the ophthalmologist checks is that there is not a penetrating injury and it is just a superficial epithelial abrasion which will heal and give you no further problems.

4. Herpes simplex keratitis

This is a dendritic ulcer which shines up with Fluorescein drops. The blue light on the slit-lamp provides a typical appearance of symptoms of foreign body sensation. It needs to be treated by the ophthalmologist with an antiviral eye cream and other drops for relief plus checked again to make sure it is healing well.


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