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How to find the best ptosis surgeon in London for you

How common is ptosis surgery?

Not surprisingly, having ptosis is very common particularly as we age. Ptosis surgery is performed very commonly because ptosis is very common, particularly in the elderly. That is due to the muscles in the eyelids beginning to thin.No one knows the exact incidence of ptosis. Many patients have it but do not realise that their eyelids are drooping because they are lifting their eyebrows to try and compensate for the droopy eyelids. They do not realise that they can have ptosis surgery

I have looked on Google to see if they will give me a figure as to the incidence of ptosis, but I was not able to get a satisfactory figure.All I found out is that in a world-class city (London) that contains almost 9,000,000 people there are several thousand who have ptosis and who could benefit from surgery.

The British Oculoplastic Surgery Society lists on its search for a consultant map 23 registered oculoplastic surgeons who do eyelid surgery.They are oculoplastic surgeons who have specialised in the assessment and management of drooping upper eyelids.

Many of these surgeons are also members of the European Society of Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery called ESOPRS and the American Society of Ophthalmic Plastic, and Reconstructive Surgery called ASOPRS. They regularly go to meetings where we discuss and periodically perform eyelid surgery. 

The best way you can find a ptosis surgeon in London is to look at the BOPSS website and then look at each surgeon to see:

  • whether you like them
  • whether they are near to you
  • where they practice

Then, find out how much experience they have got by ringing them up and discussing your droopy eyelids with their secretary or directly with them. 

Here at Clinica London I regularly do ptosis surgery.We have our operating theatre here in the clinic.We have Care Quality Commission registration to perform surgery under local anaesthetic as a day case.I now work full time in private practice after working as an NHS consultant for over 20 years. 

You can take the next step and ring our clinic to find out more about both myself as an oculoplastic surgeon and about ptosis surgery that we do here at Clinica London. 

Upper eyelid ptosis surgery at Clinica London is by Jane Olver, Oculoplastic Surgeon BOPSS ESOPRS and ASOPRS member.


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