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When did I first become interested in ophthalmology?I first became interested in ophthalmology when I was doing my paediatric elective in Montreal in the middle of one winter.
I went skiing and wore my ski goggles, but clearly, it was a sunny day, and I got snow blindness. That was exquisitely painful.
I had to go along and see the ophthalmologists and orthoptists in the Eye Department at the Montreal Children’s Hospital, my eyes firmly closed, streaming and in great pain. They examined me with such delicacy and gentleness in subdued lighting, dilated my pupils, put in fluorescein drops and reassured me that I just had a little patch of corneal oedema which was my snow blindness. They put an eye patch over one eye, it was immensely soothing and the morning after I was completely better.
I have forever been thankful to them for showing me how calm and gentle an eye department environment can be and how the staff can be so reassuring, that it made me appreciate ophthalmology as a small but distinct area of medicine that I wanted to know more about.


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