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Five new developments in eye health research by Professor Michel Michaelides

​​Eye health research is constantly advancing in this modern age. It sometimes feels that new research is coming out every week as new technology and machinery become available.

Here are five new developments in eye health research we are very excited to share with you.

Faricimab – Treatment for Macula Disease.

In January this year, the FDA approved Faricimab, a monoclonal antibody used to treat two leading causes of vision-loss, diabetic macular oedema (DME) neovascular, and wet age-related macular degeneration (AMD).

Faricimab is delivered as injections from 1 to 4 months apart in the first year after the initial four monthly doses, which reduces the number of doses required in the current treatment for wet AMD and DME that requires injections every 1 to 2 months.

OptiLight IPL – Advanced Treatment for Dry Eyes and Rosacea Skin Condition

OptiLight IPL is the first FDA approved advanced IPL machine to treat dry eye disease caused by the dysfunction of the Meibomian glands. It uses patented Lumenis Optimal Pulse Technology and is a precise new light therapy to help dry eye management. You can receive this treatment at Clinica London.

The OptiLight IPL:
Reduces Inflammatory Mediators
Significantly boosts tear breakup time and decreases osmolarity
Eradicates the abnormal blood vessels that perpetuate inflammation
Restores Meibomian Glands

If you want to book a consultation to see how the Optilighht IPL can help you, book a consultation with Clinica London here!

The Bionic eye

University of Oregon physicist Richard Taylor and researchers have grown rodent retinal neurons on a fractal-patterned electrode. These mimic the repeating branching pattern in which neurons naturally grow. Taylor hopes that one day the tiny electrodes could be implanted into the eye to restore the vision of those who suffer from macular degeneration or other vision disorders.

“The work is still early stage”, Taylor affirmed. Running trials on animals will take additional engineering and safety tests. However, eventually, the researchers hope their design will turn into a real-world device that can help people with vision loss.

Computer blue light hazard: Fruit flies may help vision loss from blue light

Scientists have noted for decades that blue light will make fruit flies blind. Still, it wasn’t clear why that was until now. A recent Purdue University study has found why blue light kills cells in the flies’ eyes. It could provide a valuable reference for understanding human ocular diseases such as macular degeneration.

It was discovered that retinal degeneration in fruit flies strongly correlated with lipid peroxidation and oxidative damage caused by reactive oxygen species to lipids. The researchers could reduce lipid peroxidation by feeding solid antioxidants to the flies. And they were also able to stop the process entirely by over-expressing a protein called Cytochrome b5.

Fruit flies offer a pre-clinical model for studying human degenerative ocular diseases, including determining how genetic therapies or drugs could slow or stop vision loss. While blue light affects fly and human eyes differently, lipid peroxidation is believed to play a crucial contributory role in developing human retinal diseases such as age-related macular degeneration.

Drug delivery to the eye: Healome Therapeutics develop corneal healing gel

Healome Therapeutics Ltd is a new spinout created by The University of Birmingham. The spinout aims to generate a platform that delivers a ‘pro-healing’ environment for the leading causes of preventable blindness.

The Healome technology takes the form of novel fluid-gel material that flows like a liquid and self-structures into a thin, transparent, protective layer over the eye’s surface, which is gradually dispersed and cleared away by blinking over 2-8 hours (customizable depending on application). It is a chemical contact lens!

It can be used alone or as a ‘carrier molecule’ to deliver other Medication to the eye. Studies have already shown that one of Healome’s formulations has anti-scarring activity, and these healing properties are amplified by combining it with other Therapeutics.


The future of eye health is exciting, with constant new developments in the treatment and research of eye conditions. As always at Clinica London, we are constantly looking to keeping up with developments and incorporating our treatments with the latest technologies.

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