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Five reasons to have your cataract surgery at Clinica London

The five reasons that you should have your cataract surgery at Clinica London are:

  1. Our surgeons – Mr Jaheed Khan and Ms Laura Crawley are top London cataract surgeons. They have lengthy and comprehensive experience of phaco cataract surgery with intraocular lens implants under local anaesthetic for a wide range of patients, both low risk and high risk. The also can carry out more complicated operations, especially combined with glaucoma surgery.

2. The nursing staff at Clinica London – The nurses at Clinica London are not only delightful, but they are very experienced and professional. They will measure your eye for the intraocular lens with a very high degree of accuracy. They work closely with the ophthalmic surgeons Mr Jaheed Khan and Ms Laura Crawley to make sure that you get the best possible seamless cataract route and that each visit that you have to Clinica London is calm and relaxing for you. They will give you all the information you require about your cataract surgery, and they will be very approachable so that you can ask them any questions if you have any queries or doubts, either before or after the surgery.

3. The London Clinic – We do all our cataract surgery at the London Clinic which is just across the road from Clinica London, so it is all seems very much in-house, although Clinica London is separate from the London Clinic despite the similarities of the names. We are a small independent clinic which is mainly for outpatient and small eyelid procedures and eye injections plus dermatology. We do all of our cataract assessment and postoperative management here at Clinica London, and we do our cataract surgery in the MIT unit at the London Clinic which has the highest levels of safety for cataract surgery.

4. Continued care – Aftercare is when you are at home, and you are putting in your eye drops, and then you come back to the clinic to see the consultant. The cataract surgeons and the nurses at Clinica London will continue to care for you after your cataract surgery. During the aftercare, it is so important that you feel safe and that you feel you are in good hands. We will keep you informed at each stage of your treatment when to stop the drops, when to have glasses, and whether we need to do any further treatment.

5. Returning to Clinica London – We find that patients who have had their cataract surgery at Clinica London learn to trust us and believe in us. If you have the second cataract, you’ll come back for that to be done, if you have an unrelated problem with either your retina or your tear duct or your eyelid or glaucoma, you come back to us. You become part of the Clinica London family.

We welcome you to Clinica London and our two cataract surgeons Mr Jaheed Khan and Ms Laura Crawley. Clinica London has a passion for vision, a belief in providing the highest possible professional standards in a calm, safe environment while using the most modern technology. Clinica London as a team works for you to help you with your cataract.


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