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Are you tired of looking tired? We can fix your drooping eyelid
Having eyelid ptosis can make your eyes look uneven because one eyelid can droop and make you look sleepy.  For some patients, both eyes are affected, in which case they just look droopier and sleepier, but they really want to have something done about it – they want to have a balanced look or a more youthful, open-eyed appearance.
Although many may regard ptosis as a cosmetic procedure for some patients, it can be severe enough to interfere with their vision, in which case we consider it a medical procedure.
Very often a patient may have upper eyelid ptosis combined with heavy eyebrows. Therefore, first of all, we look to see whether we can treat you with Botulinum Toxin A (Botox). Then we consider whether surgery is needed to lift the upper eyelids and reduce the descended sub-brow tissue.
We can carry out ptosis surgery unilaterally or bilaterally. The procedure will be done by myself, Jane Olver, under local anaesthetic and you will come to Clinica London for surgery as an outpatient or as a day case.
I am a specialist oculoplastic surgeon, which means that I have trained fully as an ophthalmologist, and now I specialise not only in general ophthalmology but in surgery of the eyelids and all of the structures that surround the eyes.
I have been performing ptosis surgery for more than 20 years, and I consider it to be a beautiful, intricate procedure. When doing ptosis surgery, I am operating on the very delicate tissue within your eyelid, finding the muscle called the levator muscle and its aponeurosis and gently folding this forward to lift the eyelid.]
I will need your cooperation when you are under local anaesthetic, as this will give you a much better result. Although I numb the eyelid for the surgery using drops and infiltrative anaesthesia, you are still able to move the eyelid and look up and down, which helps me to identify the muscle. You can also sit up at points during the surgery if needed so I can check the height of the eyelid compared with the other side, if the alignment isn’t clear from the lying position.
With ptosis surgery, I aim to open up your eyelids so that they both look natural and match well together in terms of the eyelid height, the shape or contour, the amount of upper eyelid skin showing, the amount of skin folding and also the movement of the eyelid.
For aponeurotic ptosis, the minor upper eyelid ptosis that comes on with age and which is more common in contact lens wearers, I usually operate through your skin crease so that the incision site will be hidden entirely once everything has healed after surgery. I like to use Tisseel Fibrin adhesive if I can, as this aids recovery after surgery and means that far fewer stitches are required. If you have eyelid ptosis, where your eyes look uneven, or where both of them are drooping, then I will be pleased to help you.
First I will have to do an assessment consultation, then write out a plan for the surgery and give you a quote, if the procedure is for cosmetic reasons. If, however, the condition is interfering with your vision, I will provide you with the appropriate surgical codes so that your insurance company may consider financing your operation.
We will also take photographs during the consultation, which we keep safely on our well-protected Clinica London network. We always get you to sign a consent form before we take any photographs, explaining that we will not use your images for publications or lectures, and that I have permission to store the pictures so that we can monitor your progress both before and after surgery. If I do require your pictures for teaching, I will let you know, and you will be asked whether or not you agree to this.
The result of upper eyelid ptosis surgery is very satisfactory and aesthetically pleasing both for both the patient and the doctor. The downtime is usually between five and ten days, with less downtime for younger people or more for older people, who tend to bruise more easily.


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