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What is the food that can really improve your eyesight?

What is the food that can really improve your eyesight?Many people suffer declining eyesight as they get older. They wonder if there is something they can eat to improve or maintain their eyesight.
Michael Mosley underwent tests at City University arranged by the ‘Trust Me I Am A Doctor’ team. He wants to see whether taking supplements would improve his eyesight. They did a full assessment of his retina with some dark adaption and colour tests. They mainly looked at the macular pigments. They found that his detection of yellow and blue colours was extremely poor. In addition to that, his night vision and perception of detail were reduced. Especially, if you compare it to younger people, but also consistent with his age. He was then given a 90 day supply of supplement pills, which were supposed to help. These supplements with concentrations of compounds found in coloured plants. They include extracts from marigolds, but the key elements were Lutein Zeaxanthin. This is also found in a range of other foods. Foods rich in Lutein Zeaxanthin include fruit, nuts, kale, kiwi, milk and wheat germ oil. It should help the absorption of the essential components.
Twelve weeks later he returned to City University. Whether to see the supplements had helped. There were significant improvements in several different areas. The blue and yellow colour perception went back to normal and the night vision was much better. Also, the level of his protective macular pigments boosted. Professor John Nolan of Waterford in South East Ireland was not surprised.  He said that they found that increasing the diet with three macular pigments led to significant improvements in the protection of delicate macula. It also does improve the eyesight. The three macular pigments are Lutein, Zeaxanthin and Mesozeaxanthin.
These are for day to day functioning of the macula.


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