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Is functional eyelid surgery expensive at Clinica London?

How about the price of functional eyelid surgery? After your eyelid consultation, you will receive a quote for surgery. The quote covers the surgeon’s fees, theatre fees, all the disposables and the postoperative eye pack.
There is a small additional fee done for the use of TISSEEL fibrin adhesive.  The package price includes some follow-up visits after the surgery.
Fees do have to be paid, if possible, two weeks in advance, though some patients come for assessment and want surgery sooner than two weeks, in which case they pay as soon as possible by bank transfer.
On the Clinica London website, we list the price guides for upper eyelid blepharoplasty surgery and ptosis surgery. There would also be variation because those are just guides and we would give you the exact price after the assessment.
No oculoplastic surgeon likes to discuss prices. However, functional upper eyelid surgery is often not paid for by the insurance company and has to be covered by the patient self-paying for the operation in advance.  Hence the oculoplastic surgeon provides you with a quote after the consultation and also a full report with the details of the planned operation.
After carrying out the assessment by the oculoplastic surgeon, where they have taken the history, done the measurements, taken the photographs, made any additional tests such as visual fields, a full report is written specifically about your eyelids and the planned surgery.  In that report, the risks and benefits of the surgery are also outlined.
We would send the quote based on the patient medical records system. It includes all of the costs transparently seen.  It is crucial that when you are looking at the expenses of any eyelid surgery, that you make sure that there are no hidden costs.  All of the quotes provided from Clinica London will undoubtedly include all the costs; the breakdown of the surgeon’s fee, the theatre facility fee, the additional cost of TISSEEL fibrin adhesive according to the number of eyelids, the postoperative eye pack cost and the cost of the follow-ups.  The entire package is prepaid before the surgery, after which you have peace of mind that you will have a run through surgery and postoperative care without any additional payments to be made.
Usually, by two months after surgery, everything has been completely settled, and you are discharged.  You will most likely require three follow-up appointments after the surgery.
The package price for blepharoplasty looks expensive at first sight.  If there is additional ptosis surgery, then it will look even more costly as that includes extra theatre time and surgeon’s time in the quote.  Of course, if patients need to do with the lower lids as well, then that is an additional cost since it is considerably extra time and skill required.  The patient has bilateral upper lid blepharoplasty, bilateral upper lid ptosis and bilateral lower lid blepharoplasty will effectively be having six operations which are all grouped together under one service and can take between two and three hours to complete.
All Clinica London prices are listed clearly on the Clinica London website under prices. Each person, however, receives a separate quote which is bespoke to them as there can be some variation in exactly what surgery they are having done on their eyelids and hence the length of time that they are likely to be in the operating room or operating theatre.
Clinica London aims to provide the highest possible quality of service, the best possible oculoplastic surgery and the best possible follow-on care after your surgery.


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