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Can my functional eyelid surgery be done as anaesthetic surgery at Clinica London?

Functional eyelid surgery such as blepharoplasty upper eyelids (removal excess eye bags and eyelid hooding), ptosis upper eyelids (drooping upper eyelids), entropion (eyelid turning in and lashes touching eye) and ectropion (eyelid turning out and causing irritation) is always done at Clinica London as anaesthetic surgery.
Each patient receives an assessment for their suitability for local anaesthetic surgery day case or outpatient eyelid surgery at their initial consultation.
The functional eyelid surgery can be done under local anaesthetic surgery as an outpatient or a day case. The local anaesthetic surgery involves instilling eye drops and infiltrated local anaesthetic into the eyelids to numb them, without interfering with movement. If the patient feels nervous, then we give them oral sedation an hour before the surgery. We always invite our patients to arrive an hour before surgery so that they can relax and prepare for the operation. The nurses do the pre-assessment with a check of your medication, your blood pressure and go through with you what to expect during the surgery. You can also order your lunch so that you have a sandwich to help you recover afterwards.
Clinica London is Care Quality Commission registered for functional eyelid surgery and had a small operating theatre with all the necessary equipment and comfort for surgery and recovery.
A limited number of patients request twilight local anaesthetic surgery, which is with intravenous sedation, and very occasionally a patient wants general anaesthesia. 95% of all eyelid surgery under Clinica London is done at Clinica London in our operating theatre and with our regular team of nurses, with a comfortable recovery bed afterwards. Those few patients who prefer twilight sedation or general anaesthetic will have their surgery arranged in a nearby private hospital where there are day care facilities, such as the Weymouth Hospital or The Harley Street Clinic. Both of these hospitals are within 5 minutes of Clinica London by foot. The follow-ups are then done back at Clinica London.
We like doing function eyelid surgery at Clinica London because we know patients like it and we have our intimate theatre, equipment and staff. Patients seem to like this too because the surroundings are familiar to them; they have been here for their consultation, they have met the reception staff and have waited in our Meeting room, they have complied with the nurses who will help Ms Olver during the function eyelid surgery. Most importantly they have experienced the feeling of calm and serenity that the clinic has. In this way, they feel comfortable and confident in us.
If you are wanting to have eyelid surgery in clean, calm and safe surroundings by an experienced team consisting of oculoplastic surgeon Ms Jane Olver, and our nurses, you will be made to feel most welcome and relaxed at Clinica London.


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