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Get droopy eyelid lifting and enjoy socialising again

How you look can sometimes dictate how you feel. If you do not feel good about yourself, you probably won’t go out much, and you won’t socialise well. If your upper eyelids are drooping, or even if your lower eyelids are looking saggy and baggy, then you may benefit from droopy eyelid lifting so that you can enjoy socialising again.

When we socialise we are talking to people face to face using facial expressions and often have photographs taken. We usually take selfies or have group photographs taken. We usually love to be photographed because we like the way we look. If our eyelids have begun to droop, then this can affect how we socialise, because subtly, gradually we feel older and we feel of less value.

It is terrible predicament that in this age looking old can help us to feel less valued, but sometimes together with the other stresses of life, it is one of the contributory factors. It may be that work is challenging or relationships have got stale, and how we look therefore becomes much more critical. We have to keep reinventing ourselves and reinvigorating our relationships with people at work, people in our social environment and our dearest family and friends. Even for our family, we can start to reduce the amount of socialising we do if we are feeling that we are not looking our best.

So how do you go about getting droopy eyelid lifting and can enjoy socialising again?

Different surgeons do eyelid surgery, but one particular group that I belong to is called the oculoplastic surgery sub speciality. We have a society called the British Oculoplastic Surgery Society which has members from throughout the country, Scotland, England, Wales and both Northern Ireland and Ireland. All the members of the British Oculoplastic Surgery Society have passed certain levels of competency to become consultants and then to become members of the BOPSS. We are on the BOPSS website.

If you call your local oculoplastic surgeon and arrange an appointment about your droopy eyelids, they can then advise you after they have done many precise measurements and examined you in detail. They can then decide whether you are suitable for droopy eyelid surgery.

One thing they will take into account is not only your age but how dry your eyes are. If your eyes are dehydrated, then they may want to treat that first and even to put some punctal plugs in to make sure that your eyes do not get drier. That is important because immediately after droopy eyelid surgery they can feel a little bit drier. The reason for that is that they do not move so much for the first one to three weeks because they feel stiff.

However, in the longer term having droopy eyelid surgery can help you to socialise and feel better about yourself. You will then want to go out, because you will feel good about your eyes and your appearance and you will have a big smile on your face, at home, at work and when socialising.


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