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Plagued by dark under-eye circles? We can get rid of them

I had a young teacher in to see me today in his late thirties who wanted to know how to get rid of his dark under-eye circles. There are various approaches for getting rid of dark under-eye circles, which can include simple home measures, such as getting extra sleep, putting on moisturiser cream and using special under-eye light-reflecting cream for dark circles.
Very often, though, the under-eye circles require additional treatment with fillers. The fillers that I use in the under-eye area are hyaluronate gels, which are entirely reversible over time. We can also reverse them with a subsequent injection of an enzyme.

How safe is filler treatment for dark under-eye circles?

They are very safe. The risks of under-eye dark circle treatment include slight tenderness, swelling, discomfort and bruising in the immediate aftermath of the treatment. There is always an exceedingly low risk to the eyes with any treatment done around them. I warn every patient of this potential risk even though it is only likely to affect a minuscule proportion of patients treated. I should add that I have not actually ever seen any visual compromise with hyaluronate filler for under-eye circlesbut know of isolated cases reported worldwide.

What is involved with filler treatment for dark under-eye circles?

You can have treatment for this problem as an outpatient here at Clinica London. The process takes about 30 to 45 minutes; however, you have to have a full assessment first and be fully aware as to what the treatment will entail so that you can make an informed decision.
You will need to know what the pros and cons of having treatment are. You will also need other information, such as how long the process is going to last and how much filler you are going to require for your face. For that reason I individually assess each patient because each face and under-eye area is different.

How much hyaluronate filler will you require for dark under-eye circles?

The young man I saw today is going to have up to four vials of the Restylane in the upper cheek, and in the cheek lid junction and tear trough area because he has quite severe under-eye dark hollows and quite severe dark under-eye circles and we are opting to do the treatment in two to three stages.
I assess each patient individually and outline a bespoke treatment plan for them.

What is the downtime for dark under-eye circles treatment?

He asked me what the downtime was and I explained to him that he can go straight back to work teaching the same day. He could go out to dinner that evening, he could do everything virtually normally, but without doing any excessive exercise for 12 to 24 hours. It is likely that nobody else will notice he has had filler because even if he does get a very small bruise it is likely to be minute.

Is the effect immediate?

With filler for dark under-eye circles, we expect that the effect will be immediate and last for approximately one year.

How long will the under-eye dark filler last?

In some patients, it can last longer – for up to two years – and in other patients, they can have a top-up at six months. It all depends on how bad the dark under-eye circles are, how big the area is that requires volumisation and how many vials we use for the initial treatment stages.
Each patient has an individualised plan for their dark under-eye circles. Treatment is done on a separate occasion, so you have time to receive the report from consultation and your quote for treatment.


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