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How to get rid of headaches by getting hooded eyelid treatment.

Many patients have drooping upper eyelids, and they are not too bothered about the appearance, but they do find that towards the end of the day they have quite a severe headache, and their eyelids look a little bit more drooping. Headaches are frequent in the older age group from 55 upwards where their eyes are also getting quite dry during the day. They’re holding their eyelids open as much as possible and the effort that they are making with their forehead muscles to lift the eyebrows. Hence, they raise the eyelids just that little bit extra, so they can see well, look at the computer, do their driving, and all the things that they need to do during the day.

The headache is not there in the morning, but it gradually comes on in the afternoon and it is a combination of the drooping eyelids or hooded eyelids which because they get in the way they are having to try and lift, and the dryness from the evaporation of their tears.

The constant contraction and action of the forehead muscles is what causes a headache, together with the increasing dryness of the eye as they go through the day and all they want to do is to close the eyes, let the brows droop down, let the eyes gently drift down and the hooded eyelid skin gets in the way of their visual axis.

At that stage, you have to think about fixing those droopy eyelids because you cannot go on having a headache each day in the afternoon and you cannot have that droopy hooded eyelid skin getting in the way of your vision.

If you think about it, if you have hooded eyelids there is an excess fold of skin, and it is folding over often touching the eyelashes unless you lift the eyebrows and that skin is also shedding little skin cells on to the eyelash roots. That in itself can cause irritation and discomfort and exacerbate the dryness. It can worsen the amount you feel you have to lift your forehead to try and get those eyelids up, get that skin from the hooded eyelids up off the lashes so that you do not have that general discomfort which is worse as the day goes on. In that situation, you also have to fix your droopy eyelids. If you want to get rid of those unpleasant headache symptoms, eyelid surgery will help.

Your hooded eyelids can be caused by an actual dropping of the whole of the eyelid, or from excess skin folding over making it appear is that your eyelids are drooping and it is just in fact the excess skin. At your consultation for eyelid surgery, I will assess your upper eyelids and determine whether there is a ptosis present (droopy) or excess skin known as dermatochalasis. Then, I will explain to you if I can fix your droopy eyelids and help you get rid of your headaches by providing you with hooded eye treatment with eyelid surgery which can be ptosis surgery or blepharoplasty or a combination of the two.


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