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Get rid of any eyelid lesion without having too much downtime!
Fortunately, most eyelid lesions are benign, and only a few are malignant, meaning that the abnormal tissue is a cancer arising from the skin on the eyelid or the deeper tissue. Let us assume that your lesion is deemed to be benign. You will see one of our consultant ophthalmologists – Miss Jane Olver, Mr Sajjad Ahmad, Ms Naz Raoof, Ms Laura Crawley or Mr Jaheed Khan – and they will carry out an incision or excision and biopsy.
If the lesion is a small papilloma, or a skin tag, a sebaceous cyst, a watery cyst, a mole or a chalazion, we can deal with it easily as an outpatient case in a one-stop assessment and treatment session.  We have a special package available for this, and you can find out more by calling Clinica London on 02079357990.
If there is any suspicion that your lesion might be skin cancer or another malignancy of the eyelid, then the surgeon will take a small biopsy of the eyelid tissue and send it to the laboratory for analysis.
After the short procedure to remove your abnormal tissue, we’ll ask you to wear an eye pad for 24 hours, and you will only have downtime of 24-48 hours afterwards. You will have a slightly puffy eyelid, which may have a small bruise,  redness and swelling as a result of the surgery. You may wish to take a day or two off work afterwards.
However, with some of the smaller lesions, you can go straight back to work the day after. For instance, if you have a small skin tag on your eyelid or a little warty lesion, we can remove this easily under local anaesthetic, and you should be back at work by the day after.
If you had a chalazion incised and curetted, then you may wish to have a day or two off to concentrate on putting in the antibiotic ointment for the first 24-48 hours, while the eyelid is at its most puffy stage post-surgery. We will be happy at Clinica London to help you get rid of any eyelid lesion without having too much downtime. We will advise you at the consultation what we think the lesion is and how short the downtime is likely to be.


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