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GMC guidance on cosmetic surgery

GMC guidance on cosmetic surgery
The GMC (General Medical Council), British Oculoplastic Surgery Society, and the Royal College of Ophthalmologists have issued guidance to oculoplastic surgeons on cosmetic surgery.
The key points for doctors offering cosmetic interventions are:

  1. Ensuring they have obtained the patient’s consent themselves. Doctors used to delegate this to another person.
  2. Making sure that they have given patients enough time and information to decide on whether to have an intervention.
  3. Considering the patient’s psychological needs and, if necessary, getting expert advice.
  4. Making sure patients have enough information throughout the process. This information includes a summary of the initial consultation and a discharge letter that supports after-care. This also includes relevant information about surgery, medicines or devices.
  5. Marketing cosmetic services responsibly. Doctors should promote their services without making unjustifiable claims about interventions. They should truthfully discuss the risks involved.

At Clinica London, we follow these key points.

  • We work in partnership with our patients, treating them with respect and dignity.
  • Our aim is to keep them safe.
  • We keep up-to-date with relevant law and guidance.
  • We are honest and open about our skills, experience, fees and any conflicts of interest.


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