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Beautiful hands with Restylane

Beautiful hands with Restylane

As gloves are now only worn outdoors for warmth; or rubber ones for washing up – our hands play an increasingly important role in our overall appearance and image.
Since Princess Diana first shook hands and touched her public without a protective layer of silk or leather in between, nowadays even senior members of the Royal Family – including the Queen – tend to only wear evening gloves for formal state occasions.
Caring for our hands has become big business. Today most high streets have at least one nail place and most of us factor a regular manicure session into our beauty budget. However, even with our nails perfectly shaped and sporting the latest on trend colour, and despite following a meticulous routine of frequently applying an expensive hand cream – once the youthful, soft plumpness disappears – the backs of our hands have a nasty habit of showing our age.
The skin on the back of the hands is different from the skin on the palms where it is thicker and has no hair follicles. The palms are therefore better designed to resist daily wear and tear. Unfortunately, once the natural fat in the skin barrier on the backs of the hands is diminished (usually in our late forties or early fifties),they are especially at risk of suffering from dryness often made worse through exposure to detergents and the weather – either the cold or the damaging effects of sunshine. It is advised to always wear rubber gloves for washing up and household chores while the use of advanced anti-ageing UV protection when outside is essential.
Up until recently it has been difficult to make the hands look younger and the results of earlier methods were disappointing. However now there is a scientifically proven and effective treatment using microinjections of stabilised hyaluronic acid – “Restylane Vital” and “Restylane Vital Light” into the skin.
Founder of Clinica London, Jane Olver explains: “First the hand is prepared with a local anaesthetic. After the anaesthetic has taken effect, I use a special delivery system which injects 200 tiny doses of the Restylane skin boosters deep into the dermis and underlying tissue with each shot. Depending on the position, I may also use a modified cannula device which has five point entries.
“The system is especially designed to deliver deep skin hydration and it provides lasting improvements to its overall quality, structure and elasticity. Although there is a slight increase in volume, it is primarily for rehydration and stimulation of collagen growth.”
Other results show that veins are less pronounced, improved skin tone and lustre and increased skin elasticity.
Clinica London recommends a course of three sessions, four to six weeks apart. For optimum results, this treatment could be followed up with a “Dermaroller” session.


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