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Heliocare Sun Protection

Heliocare Sun-Protection: Latest sun protection and anti-ageing products available at Clinica London

 The new generation of advanced skin protection products not only offer almost maximal protection from the sun’s harmful effects … they are also invisible after application.

 “In recent years, the whole area of sun protection has come on in leaps and bounds”, explains oculoplastic surgeon Jane Olver. Of Clinica London in Harley Street.

“Happily, gone are the days when the only way to protect the skin was having to use thick, white shiny creams – no wonder so many women stuck with only putting on the low factor (15 or 20 SPF) protection of their normal face creams.

“But – even in winter – this is simply not enough”, she added.

 Clinica London has chosen to offer its patients the award winning, clinically-proven products of the Spanish pharmaceutical company, “Heliocare” – enabling both men and women to change the way they think about year-round sun and UV protection.

 “Overcast days should not lull us into a false sense of security”, says Jane Olver who sees patients with the detrimental effects of sun damaged skin on a daily basis.

 She warns that whilst sunlight is an essential for life, over exposure and lack of protection from it is the greatest challenge facing our skin. We should not only be concerned about the prematurely aged appearance of our skin – the lines, wrinkles, lack of elasticity blemishes and pigmentations – but also to be on the look out for any possible changes such as solar keratoses and skin cancers.

 Solar keratoses (also known as actinic keratosis) are dry scaly patches of skin caused by damage from years of sun exposure. Not normally seen in people younger than 40, they are most commonly found on those with fair skins – people who have lived abroad or those who work outdoors are usually most at risk. Although they are usually harmless they can be itchy and they look unsightly and should always be checked and monitored by a doctor.

 It should also be noted that our skin is at risk not only when sunbathing but also during most aspects of our daily lives.

 Jane points out that she sees the signs of sun damage on the necks and faces of motorists – making it easy to determine those who are UK drivers as it is their right sides that suffer most.

Although the majority of modern car windshields have a UV protection in the form of laminated glass, which filters out between 95 and 99% of harmful UVA and B rays, this type of glass is rarely used in side or rear windows where up to between  60 and 70% of UVA rays can pass through.

UVA makes up 95% of UV; it is known to penetrate deep into the dermis layer where it damages the skin, even on cloudy winter days. UVB only penetrates the upper epidermal layer of the skin and is more prevalent on sunny days during the summer. Although it tans the skin it is also responsible for reddening and burning; over-exposure ultimately leads to a thicker “leathery” appearance.

 The “Heliocare” range of high and very high UVB and UVA protection products is designed to match with individual’s skin-type, lifestyle and also taking into account the time of year.

All contain the patented, natural ingredient “Fernblock”. “Fernblock” is based on an extract of the Central American fern, Polypodiumleucotomos which began as an aquatic plant but over centuries adapted to life on land developing its own natural protective mechanisms against UV radiation. The extract used in the “Heliocare” range is obtained from selected plants cultivated in a controlled environment without the use of chemicals or pesticides.

“Fernblock” has been proven to triple the skin’s natural resistance from the sun as a photo-protector and anti-oxidant for both oral and topical use.

 For the consumer an added advantage of the “Heliocare” products is that they are all extremely light and when applied literally melt into the skin for invisible total skin-comfort. In addition to the Gels, Hydragels and  tinted Gelcreams the range also includes an oral capsule. This extra protection “from within” is recommended for times of high risk such as summer holidays, skiing or due to impaired skin health.

 “The SPF 50 gel is a very popular product in winter- also with men”, says Jane.

“When the ideal product has been selected, don’t forget to apply it to those often neglected areas – the hands, neck, décolletage and upper lip areas – where, in addition to the skin-health protection, it will also help with anti-ageing.”

 23rd June 2015


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