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Help! I want to find out how to cure my conjunctivitis
It’s that time of year when red, itchy, sticky eyes can strike as the pollen count goes up – but your problem may not just be down to hay fever. Viral, bacterial or allergic conjunctivitis can blight your enjoyment of the warmer weather but you don’t have to put up with it. Swift and effective treatment is readily available.
If your eyes are sticky and red, or watery and red and itchy, it could be that you have allergic, bacterial or viral conjunctivitis.
In order to know which type it is and receive the appropriate treatment, you should see your ophthalmologist. We have an Urgent Eye Care service at Clinica London and will be pleased to see you at short notice and advise you on the best possible treatment to cure your conjunctivitis.
Possible causes of conjunctivitis are:

  • an allergy to tree pollen
  • a recent cold leading to viral conjunctivitis
  • blepharitis leading to blepharo-conjunctivitis

Your Clinica London ophthalmologist will take your medical history and examine your eyes. This way we can tell you which type of conjunctivitis you have and the best way to cure it.
Conjunctivitis usually requires treatment and takes between five to ten days to clear up. Very occasionally, viral conjunctivitis may linger for three weeks or so, even with treatment to alleviate your symptoms. In order to cure your conjunctivitis, you must receive the appropriate, specific, targeted treatment from your specialist eye care ophthalmologist.


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