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Help me get rid of a foreign body object in my eye – How to help others

If you are helping someone else who has a foreign object in their eyes, then you should wash your hands first and make sure that the person is sitting in a well-lit area with a reading light, for instance, shining down on to their head. Then you can gently examine their eye to see if there is a visible object.  This object can be a piece of grit or other matter. First of all, pull the lower lid down and ask the person to look upwards,  then do the same again, holding up the upper lid and asking the person to look downwards. Very often you will see that the object is already floating along in a tear film close to the lower lid on the surface of the eye, and when you use a little bit of water flushed on to the eye, it will wash out. If you find that the object does not wash out easily at the first attempt, ask them to tilt their head back, then irrigate the surface of the eye as described above with the various techniques.


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