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Help me get rid of a foreign body object in my eye – However, a word of warning!

Do not try to remove an object that is clearly embedded in the surface of the eye, or is sitting beneath the eyelid and embedded in the undersurface of the eyelid.
Second, do not rub the eye.  If you have a foreign object in your eye and you rub it, you could cause a corneal scratch or abrasion, which can be very painful and take longer to heal.  If the object appears to be embedded in the eye or sticking out between the lids, the injury from the object may be worse than you realise, so do not try to remove such an object. You should seek urgent help if you cannot remove the object with simple flushing out, or irrigation, of the eye; or if the matter looks as if it has become stuck in the surface of the eye.
You should also seek urgent eye care if having the object in the eye is affecting the vision, making it abnormal in any way, or if there is any redness, pain or persistent foreign-body sensation in the eye, even if you think you have removed the object. Sometimes this will represent a small residual scratch, which will feel as though the matter is still there. This corneal abrasion, or scratch, will gradually heal over the next 24 hours, or sometimes there is still an object left that only your ophthalmologist can safely remove.
Here at Clinica London, we would be pleased to see you for assessment of your condition and removal of objects from the eye.


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