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Here’s how to make glabella lines disappear

The angry-looking glabella lines are the lines between your eyebrows that crease up, giving you a vertical frown and make you look very grumpy and angry. This is due to the corrugator and procerus muscles overacting, and we can reverse these lines in two ways. Unfortunately, both methods are temporary but, fortunately, both are relatively easy treatments for you to have and they carry quite a low risk of complications.
Glabella lines are best treated with a combination of Botulinum toxin A chemodenervation to the glabellar area. I carry out this treatment taking care to give additional correcting injections in the outer part of the forehead to stop you looking like Mr Spock or Mephisto, with arched eyebrows. Filler, which I put into the deep grooves,  complements the Botulinum toxin A. I inject a hyaluronate gel into the lines themselves to make them appear shallower and less apparent.
I can carry out this dual treatment at the same time because the injections of Botulinum toxin and hyaluronate gel (filler) go into slightly different areas anatomically.
The Botulinum toxin will last about three to four months, and the filler will last six to twelve months, therefore does not have to be topped up each time you have the Botulinum toxin injections.
If you want to make your glabella lines disappear, you can consider having Botulinum toxin and filler injection with hyaluronate gel such as Restylane for the best possible result.


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