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Hyaluronate Gel Filler Reversal

Hyaluronate gel fillers

 How easy are they to reverse?

Hyaluronidase enzyme is frequently used ‘off licence’ to reverse Hyaluronate gel fillers. Different hyaluronate gels have different cross-linking, what I call, heaviness.

If a significant amount of a heavy gel is used, it may take longer to dissolve. It will also take longer to dissolve if you use more than one phial of Hyaluronidase (1500 units). If a significant amount of cross-linked gel has been injected, the first thing I do is to dissolve the Hyaluronidase. I will dissolve it into more than one ml of saline. I will do the same if the cross-linked gel needs reversing.

However, you must understand that the whole area of reversal of filler is not prescriptive. You should understand that it may not be possible just to remove part of the filler. Secondly, it may not be possible to remove all the filler using one phial. You may need a second treatment


tear trough filler reversal

The easiest filler to remove is hyaluronate gel (such as Restylane) in the tear troughs, where about one millilitre may have been used, divided between the two eyes. There is only half a millilitre of Restylane on each side. Due to the tissue which is thin and the saline spreads easily, the gel will dissolve very simply and quickly.


Lip filler reversal

It’s harder to reverse fillers in the lips because the soft tissue is often quite tight. Several enzyme injections may be required for these more complex hyaluronate gel fillers. The enzyme hyaluronidase does not diffuse well in lips.


Cheek filler reversal

When using Hyaluronate gel on the cheeks we use different amounts. It depends on where the gel is to be used. We use larger volumes when treating in and between the various fat compartments. Therefore, it requires a larger amount of HyaloFix. Previous filler work is not always entirely straightforward to reverse. This depends on

  • the sheer volume of the filler that has been injected
  • whether there is some fibrosis present
  • if the patient has had previous filler.


How much does Hyalofix cost?

Prices will depend upon the type of procedure carried out and the individual patient. For hyalofix treatment in London at Clinica, prices range from £315-£630. Consultation fees are not included.


What is the next step?

Please book a consultation for a written quote with a full breakdown of treatment costs.

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Miss Jane Olver

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