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Improve your confidence by getting your droopy eyelids fixed

The eyes have it – they’re the windows to the soul, according to the well-known proverb – but what if you are self-conscious about your eyes because you suffer from ptosis or drooping of the upper eyelid? There is a simple procedure to correct this condition that will completely transform your appearance, boosting your confidence and attractiveness. 

We can learn a lot about someone from their eyes. The eyes are often the source of our connection with other people and our appreciation of their personality and their true spirit. If someone has a droopy eyelid, however, this can give a false and misleading impression about the person – which can sap their self-confidence.

What we often do not realise is that if somebody has ptosis or droopy eyelids, we may be getting the wrong message about them. Everybody wants to look attractive and desirable at all ages. They want to have the best possible appearance. They want their eyes to look beautiful. 

You can improve the appearance of your eyes by increasing the amount of exercise you take and by eating a healthy diet, reducing stress and getting enough sleep. This makes you feel good, and you want this to be reflected in your eyes! But if ptosis – or droopy eyelid – is affecting one or both of your upper eyelids, this can make you look sleepy, or unwell, even though you don’t feel that way, and this does not represent your true personality. Once your eyelids have begun to droop, it is time to do something about it and fix the problem. To do that you will need to see a doctor who specialises in eye surgery, called an oculoplastic surgeon.

An oculoplastic surgeon is often a member of the British Oculoplastic Surgery Society and will have completed highly specialised training in the surgery and management of patients with eyelid problems. Not only are we trained in the assessment of your condition and the procedure itself, but we can manage any of the potential complications that may arise after surgery.

We can also ensure that you don’t suffer from post-operative issues such as dry eyes or an inability to close your eyelids after the correction of the droopy eyelid, even if your eyes look beautiful after the procedure.

We will take into account the intricate relationship between the eyelid and the surface of the eye. We will make sure that the two function well, maintaining the best possible vision and ocular comfort while making you look beautiful, with youthful, rested-looking eyes.

By living your dream and persevering you can recapture the look that you want. Improve your confidence with corrective eyelid surgery performed by an oculoplastic surgeon.

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