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Improved vision after Mr R’s eyelid blepharoplasty ptosis surgery

Mr R had eyelid surgery for baggy drooping eyelids, called blepharoplasty and ptosis surgery. Many people notice the vast improvement in their field of vision from day one after surgery.

Roger: So day one, the vision was clearly better as I could see much more. I noticed instantly that my field of vision had increased because after this amount of time with a stroke you get used to your field of vision being fairly restricted and I noticed that first morning that it had expanded upwards, downwards and sideways.
Jane: That is a very good description.
Roger: Absolutely incredible! The increase in field of vision even at that really early stage and strangely, perhaps you can explain why my actual vision seems to have increased.
Jane: Well I can explain why, we have taken a lot of weight off the eye from the eyelids and when you have quite heavy eyelids, it can cause astigmatism which basically causes you to have squashed vision and so now that weight had been taken off, I expect you see better.
Roger: Because we all live by our telephones these days and I had to wear my readings glasses to read my telephone, but suddenly found that I can actually if I adjust my focus slightly, I can read my phone.
Jane: This is amazing. I have had this described to me before. In your case we had to take a lot of fat out because you had a lot of fat prolapse and the fat was encircling the eye and squashing it and so it was making the eye essentially shorter and making you more presbyopic or more long-sighted, meaning needing more glasses for reading. We have made you “slimmer and thinner” around the eyes, and so you have no longer got the pressure on the outside of the eyeball from the fat. I expect we will find that you are no longer quite as long sighted as you were before because the pressures on the actual eyeball have altered. That is fantastic news. That is very good.
Roger: I was hoping to – I do not know what your process is -but I was hoping to see my local optician possibly when I get back from Australia?
Jane: When is that, how many weeks?
Roger: I go in about ten weeks’ time and return in 6 months.
Jane: Absolutely, you can even do the eyeglasses test and visual fields before you go if you would like. I like it to be a minimum of eight weeks, but if it is going to be three to four months that is even better. Yes, let’s do the vision test and repeat visual fields when you get back in 6 months’ time, then it will have stabilised completely.
Roger: So, I would like him to do a field of vision and an eye test. Just to see, I believe… I know that the field of vision is better than before because I can see that about there.
Jane: So bringing the finger in from the periphery of your vision, you could see it when it got quite a long way in.
Roger: Well before, it had to be there, right close to my central vision.
And now if I bring it in from out there, I am beginning to see my finger much quicker, so that is quite a big improvement in both eyes. So it’s that x 2.
Jane: Have you had any pain or discomfort following the surgery?
Roger: Incredibly, no. I have had no pain, no soreness apart from one little stitch, which was a bit twitchy, but it was only when I was perhaps cleaning it and caught it. I’ve had no pain and no soreness whatsoever. I have not needed any medication for it, and so I find that quite incredible.
Jane: If you had to give a message to any other patient, what would you say to them about having blepharoplasty ptosis surgery for medical reasons?
Roger: As far as I am concerned I was not keen to have anything done to my eyes. Because, if you are already restricted visually as I was, the last thing you want to do is put any risk at losing your sight, which was explained to me was a possibility, slim, but a possibility. But I would say to anybody who has the sort of restriction that I had; they should do it. My only regret is I did not do it ten years ago.
Jane: That is fantastic. That concludes our interview. Thank you very much. I may have a chance to see you again for a further chat for the blog in three weeks’ time and to see how are getting on. It will be a bit shorter that time as we covered a lot today.


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