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A message from Ms Jane Olver – Medical Director of Clinica London:

I am absolutely delighted to announce and welcome the second dermatology consultant at Clinica London, Dr Angela Tewari, from 1st October 2020.  She joins our existing dermatologist Dr Jennifer Crawley to form Dermatology Care at Clinica London.

Dr Tewari is a children’s, teenager’s and adult patients’ specialist. She is particularly skilful in the treatment of allergy, acne, and skin cancers.  She has done a PhD and earnt through her own merit, her consultant post at King’s College Hospital and to do her private practice here at Clinica London.

Dermatology Care at Clinica London had grown over the last two years to warrant a second skin consultant.  I am sure you will all find that Dr Tewari is an outstanding dermatologist whose skills will complement and support those of Jennifer Crawley and help provide a comprehensive dermatology service for all the family.

Why has an Eye Clinic has been combined with a Skin Clinic?

There is a good reason.  Many of our patients have ocular surface and external eye problems, dry eyes, blepharitis, allergies, and medical conditions which also manifest with both skin and eye problems. Existing patient encourage their family to come to Clinica and often members of their family require a dermatologist.  This is because increasingly since we have been here for almost 10 years, we find that we are looking after not only the original patient, but members of their family as well.

For that reason, we are keen to promote children’s dermatology, teenager’s dermatology and adult dermatology, for you.

Dr Jennifer Crawley is available every Monday and on other days by special appointment.

Dr Angela Tewari is available every Wednesday and alternate Thursday evenings plus Tuesdays by special appointment.  I hope that you get to meet them in the near future.


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