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Rest in Peace

Ivo Pitanguy was a Brazilian Plastic Surgeon who has died aged 90 years. He remains in our memories as an inspiration for beauty, and a great teacher. In oculoplastics, a few of us met him in recent years at Plastic Surgery meetings where we were also in attendance. We were greatly impressed by his warmth, honesty and genuine love of plastic surgery.
Although a breast surgeon, he admired and loved the whole human form, including the face and around the eyes. Today in The Times Orbituary (Monday 8th August) there is a super tribute to him.
I had the pleasure of meeting him briefly at a dinner in Switzerland in 2008 which was part of a Plastic Surgery Conference. He left a strong impression on me and warm memory for the way he related to everyone around him, as equals and as if he knew you personally. He was truly charming, as well as being an inspiration for perfection in plastic surgery and oculoplastic surgery of the eyelids. Last week in Rio he held the Olympic torch for the final part of the opening ceremony. I am so pleased that he was able to do that before quietly slipping away. He had a wonderful energy and enthusiasm for life even into his 90th year. He was a truly inspiring surgeon and person.
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