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Where can I read up more about actinic keratoses?Skincancer.org is always a good source of information for patients about possible skin cancers.
The Mayo Clinic also always provides excellent information.
I highly recommend the American Association of Dermatology. They  write informative, easy to understand information about Actinic Keratoses. They make Actinic Keratoses seem to be a normal skin problem for people with sun damage. They recommend that you see a dermatologist for checkups, and help to lower the patient’s anxiety.  They point out that Actinic Keratoses’ can be treated. If a skin cancer does develop at an Actinic Keratoses, it can be caught early when treatment will often cure it.  It is positive upbeat information ideal for existing patients or people worried about a new skin lesion.
Lastly, the British Association of Dermatology is highly recommended.


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