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Levi’s 505

What are the similarities between Levi’s 505 and Clinica London?
This is my 505th blog post for Clinica London!

What are the differences and what are the similarities between Clinica London and a pair of Levi’s 505 jeans?

Levi’s 505 can be Vintage, meaning they have been around a long time and they have lasted. They come in different styles and different fabrics. In the same way, Clinica London has now been around since the end of 2010/ beginning of 2011 here at 140 Harley Street.

Solid and reliable

We started off as “one straight pair of Levi’s”, I mean one doctor (myself), and then we have gradually grown, and we now have six doctors, including one who is a dermatologist, and we look after patients with all sorts of eye and skin problems. I think that now we are beginning to become long-lasting, well-known by our patients and their families and by the local doctors, general practitioners, specialists, and by the optometrists. We are not yet a classic nor are we truly Vintage, but we are solid and reliable in the same way that Levi’s 505s are.

There’s a fit for everyone

There is a fit of Levi’s 505 for everybody, and there is also a fit of Clinica London for all eye and skin problems. Whether it be a problem with your eyelid, for instance a chalazion, or droopy eyelids such as ptosis, or a problem with suspected glaucoma or cataract, or a problem related to your retina such as diabetes, retinopathy or inherited retinal disease, or a problem with your squint whether you be a child or an adult. We cater for all of these problems, and we fit all of them.
We also look after skin. We have Jennifer Crawley, our Consultant Dermatologist, who advises on conditions such as possible skin tumours, she does mole checks, treats keloid scars, treats acne in adolescents and older young adults, and looks after all skin problems in children. She also looks after eczema and other skin infections. She looks after adults with sun damage to their skin such as solar keratosis, known as actinic keratosis, and patients with rosacea and psoriasis.

We might have once been a bit rebellious…

Levi’s were also known as rebellious because The Rolling Stones used to wear them. However even The Rolling Stones have become mainstream and established, so Levi’s are no longer rebellious. It may have been a rebellious idea setting up Clinica London when I was an NHS consultant?
When we first started here, I was a full-time NHS consultant and could only do a couple of sessions a week. Then I gradually reduced my sessions, became full time at Clinica London, and to cut a long story short, then we grew with five other doctors and so what may have been a slightly risky or rebellious action by setting up this clinic and then leaving the NHS in order to concentrate on Clinica London, became almost a classic. Certainly now well established (but not vintage) and we think with style. So, both Levi’s 505 and Clinica London share style.
Similar to the long-lasting Levi’s 505, we expect to continue and develop Clinica London, growing in recognition for our professional and personal approach that we give to every one of our patients with eye and skin problems.
Jane Olver
Consultant Ophthalmologist, Oculoplastic & Lacrimal Surgeon


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