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What is the link between Chalazion and dry eye in young working adults?

A patient of mine today has a small recurrent chalazion. With excitement, I recommended him to have a look at Clinica London’s Dry Eye Clinic. There are several individual treatments available.
He looked perplexed and said: “But I don’t have dry eye”.
We invested some time and I explained the issue further.
Sometimes, in cases of chalazion, there are blocked little Meibomian oily glands all around the chalazion. (I had just pressed on all the little ducts to see if they drained and what substances appeared). Chalazion has to be seen as a part of a more generalised disease, not just the lump.
Hence, we treat the underlying cause with heating, massage and cleaning the eyelids, with or without lubricant eye drops, BlephEx and MiBo ThermoFlo, omega 3 supplements, and sometimes oral antibiotics.

So what is the link between Chalazion and dry eye?

Chalazion and dry eye can both be part of the same spectrum of Meibomian gland dysfunction.
Let us think “Dry eye – Chalazion – Posterior Blepharitis – Meibomian gland dysfunction” as all part of the same spectrum in young adults. This occurs especially for those who spend many hours on screen work each day.
While sitting hours in front of computer screens, concentrating on one fixed point and reading, our eyes blink less frequently. That is why especially young adults have the feeling of dry eyes in the evening. Sometimes external factors, like hot or cold weather, wind, dust or cigarette smoke also play a role in increasing the feeling of dry eyes.

More about Jane Olver

Ms Jane Olver is the founder of Clinica London and a Consultant Ophthalmologist and Oculoplastic Surgeon. Her special expertise is in oculoplastic and cosmetic eye surgery including eyelids and lacrimal surgery. She is specialised in endoscopic lacrimal surgery for watering eyes in adults and children. She has over 20 years’ experience in treating people with eye problems just like you, and has published extensively in scientific journals about Ophthalmology and Lacrimal Surgery and is the author of the books “Ophthalmology at a Glance” and “Colour Atlas of Lacrimal Surgery”. At Clinica London, she is responsible for the Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery part, as well as patients with eye, eyelid and tear duct problems, and acute eye problems.


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