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London Dry Eye Clinic

“Not looking for perfection; looking at being as good as you can be”.

I was wondering what to write about today and I said to Susan at the gym “I have to write about dry eyes, what do you want to know?” Susan is a writer. She said, “well, you do a lot of aesthetic work don’t you?”. Yes, I replied, a bit perplexed. She replied:
“In aesthetic work the patient is not looking at perfection, they are looking at being as good as they can be”.
Ah, so in dry eyes the patient is “looking at having as comfortable eyes as possible”. Thank you, Susan!

Opening soon

Next week at the Clinica London we open the Tears Clinic / – The Dry Eye Clinic

We have called it the Tears Clinic because people with dry eyes have a problem with their tears, either not enough or they are of poor quality and evaporating. They can also get reflex watering so we have to check they don’t have too many tears because of poor tear drainage. We offer full assessment and treatment plan, including MiBo ThermoFlo and BlephEx.


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