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Are low vision aids helpful to patients with Inherited Retinal Diseases?

In this blog post, I ask Professor Michaelides about the role of Low Vision Aids (or LVA) for young working adults with inherited retinal diseases.Jane Olver: I have got two further questions. It is just about low visual aids. Is there still a place for that?
Professor Michel Michaelides: Oh Gosh! Absolutely.
Jane Olver: Should we be developing that a little more here at Clinica London?
Professor Michel Michaelides: So virtually all the patients I have seen from abroad have not had access to good LVA.
Jane Olver: How do we get them access? Where do you send them?
Professor Michel Michaelides: So the simple answer to that would be yes, it would be really helpful for the patients, but then it is a question of how many patients do I see that would access it. I have to say quite a large proportion of patients I see could potentially benefit from LVAs and currently, I send them to the two specialists that I work with at Moorfields
Jane Olver: Who are those two?
Professor Michel Michaelides:Michael Crossland and Hannah Dunbar.
Jane Olver: Okay.
Professor Michel Michaelides: They both see adults and children and they are truly fantastic and truly brilliant, and so they are specialised optometrists who are versed in seeing visually impaired adults and children, especially to the magnitude that I see, and they all benefit from that.
Jane Olver: I would love to see somebody here in the next year or so on a Thursday afternoon who can provide that service.
Professor Michel Michaelides: I think that would be really good. Would definitely be good for patient care. Sure.


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