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I don’t know if my skin mole is malignant: Atypical moles
Atypical moles are also known as dysplastic naevi. They usually become evident in puberty. They can look quite dark. What helps to differentiate them from a malignant melanoma is that they continue to appear throughout life. They are found in areas that are not associated usually with sun exposure such as the buttocks. Yet, they are a risk factor for malignant melanoma if there is a large number of them. Those patients who have atypical naevi should be careful going out into the sun. They must also make sure they have regular mole checks.
The problem with atypical moles (dysplastic naevi) is that they often are mistaken as malignant melanomas. This is because of their lack of symmetry, lack of sharp margin, and sometimes they are quite large (over 6 mm) and have a variation of colour within the lesion.
If you have any doubt whatsoever the atypical mole should be looked at by a consultant medical dermatologist, such as Dr Jennifer Crowley at Clinica London. Ms Crawley does mole checks for hundreds of patients.


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