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Men too want Botox, from ages 35 to 75 – Part 2

Between the ages of 45 and 55 men are increasingly looking for filler to help with the area under the eye and the cheeks as they lose volume. Many men are slim and athletic, and therefore volume loss is easily noticeable on their faces. This can make them look a little gaunt and tired and so they are acutely aware of areas of hollowing.
The tear trough is the main area of hollowing along with the trans-cheek depression, or hollow, which separates the fat pads of the cheek. These areas require filler. Tear trough hollowing – or the under-eye dark circle – is treated with TearFill using hyaluronate.
I do TearFill for under-eye dark circles via single port entry with a cannula, which reduces the risks of bruising or other complications. I usually do it in a staged fashion, building up the volume over two to four weeks using between one and four vials of Restylane or Juvederm, or a mixture.
I have to create a base in the mid-cheek junction. I have to gently fill the cheek depression to provide support for the tear trough. The main aim of all men is to look natural and healthy. They do not want to look as though they have big cheeks, called apple cheeks, or that they have had treatment. In many aspects, men are more aware of their appearance than women as they are often much more specific about what area of their face they want treating.
Between the ages of 45 and 55 there is also the demand for a combination of Botox and fillers with myself, and skin advice and care from Dr Jennifer Crawley, the dermatologist.


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