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Men too want Botox, from age 35 to 75 – Part 1

Men too want Botox, at ages 35 to 75 years old- Part 1

Anti-wrinkle treatment is in increasing demand by men from the age of about 35 onwards.
They have specific requirements. They either want their strong orbicularis muscles causing their crow’s feet to be reduced to make them look less crinkly. Or they want the strong glabella forehead muscles to reduced with anti-wrinkle treatment – to get rid of the angry glabella lines and horizontal forehead lines.
Men tend to come for Botox every six months. They will allow it to wear off entirely after three to four months and then come back for another full treatment. They want to keep their male appearance, so one has to take great care when treating the glabella not to change the shape of their eyebrows. This is because they typically have low, straight eyebrows that are sitting on or just below the superior orbital rim, which is also called the frontal process.
Men rarely want to have Botox applied to their masseter (facial muscle) or their chin and prefer to have the Botox treatment in the periorbital area to rejuvenate and manage developing lines, and to prevent them developing an aged appearance.
Men will continue to have Botox throughout their 50s and 60s, but I see a slight drop off in their 70s. Each age group has slightly different requirements.


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