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Bothered by skin tags? We can remove them

Skin tags are those annoying little overgrowths of what is essentially normal skin, which catch on your clothes, your nails, your glasses and your underwear. And if they are on your face and around your eyes, they just look unsightly. They are completely benign. They are not an infection and they cannot be spread to other people.
Skin tags often develop in your armpits, where they can be very awkward when you are trying to shave. You worry that you will catch them when you put deodorant on, and you don’t like the appearance of them because they remind you of your granny or grandpa, who also had them.
Often they are multiple, and this very morning I saw a lady with about eight skin tags of different sizes and pigmentation around her eyelids, some of which were catching on her glasses. She will have all of the skin tags removed on the same day, which involves only minor surgical techniques.
If you are troubled by these growths on your face, your body or in your armpits, there is a way out now. You can see our dermatologist, Dr Jennifer Crawley, to have your annoying little skin tags removed.
She will check whether they are indeed skin tags and will then effectively and painlessly remove them, either with a little cryotherapy or with curettage.
Often people will have several skin tags, and she will explain to you the process involved in treating them; she can usually remove all of them.
If the skin tags are very close to the eyes – on the eyelids, for example – it will most likely be myself, Jane Olver, the oculoplastic surgeon, who will remove them.
Please note that we do not remove genital skin tags at Clinica London; in other words,  we do not deal with anal skin tags because they are looked after by a different group of dermatologists who specialise in the perineum.
Dr Jennifer Crawley specialises in skin tags on the face, the neck, the armpits, the chest, underneath the breasts and in the flexures of the hip. Miss Jane Olver removes growths around the eyelids.
Removal of skin tags is regarded as an outpatient procedure, after which there will be minimal downtime for the patient and very rapid recovery.


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