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Mr R’s admission for eyelid surgery

Mr R had eyelid surgery called blepharoplasty and ptosis to improve his vision. Because he had a previous stroke and was 78 years old and not very healthy, we decided to do his surgery in the local private hospital where there were medical facilities on hand including an intensive care unit. This was because of his general heart condition, not the eyelid surgery directly.

Jane: Tell me next a little bit about the admission and how it helped you to feel comfortable, or how else it helped you feel?
Roger: Yeah. The stay overnight was a great benefit.
Jane: That was before surgery or after the surgery?
Roger: Before and after, particularly after, but before it meant that I was in my room, I was relaxed. I had a staff nurse looking after me, guiding me in what I had to do, what I had to wear, and telling me what was going to happen, take me down, so on and so on. And afterwards, when I was wheeled from recovery back to my room, I had a slight problem, a small bleed on the eye for which the staff nurse was there to reassure me.
Jane: On the surface of the eye, not actually in the eye I hope.
Roger: Well, to me it was in the eye area, but as you say it was the surface, it was a little bruise escaping to the surface of the eye. A bit frightening and the staff nurse arrived within seconds. Looked at it said, it is no problem, I am quite sure, but the doctor should see it. The duty doctor was there in two or three minutes, and then you were there a little bit later to see me and all of you assured me that it was absolutely fine and as it turned out it was! So that was all good as far as staying in the hospital because everybody was there to help in what in my view was an emergency because one does not like to see blood.
Jane: Was it actually blood dripping you had or was it just a big bruise, what was it?
Roger: The eye suddenly went totally blurred. I could not see through the left eye at all and looking in the mirror I could see that there was a red patch there and so that is what that was.
Jane: So that was very fortunate that we together make the decision that you should be in the main hospital. You had a little ooze from the inside of the eyelid.
The surgery you had involved the upper eyelids being operated and the lower eyelids and often with the lower eyelids if there is a little – we used the word ooze earlier – that can then be released as a little bit of blood onto the eye. It was blood escaping, and the actual eye was safe throughout. I am delighted with that.


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