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What Mr R remembers from his eyelid blepharoplasty surgery

Finally we have got to Mr R’s eyelid surgery, what he remembers about the day, about the surgery and after the surgery.

The day of and night after the eyelid surgery

Jane: I guess you do not remember an awful lot about the surgery because we did it under local anaesthetic with twilight local anaesthetic. What do you remember?
Roger: I remember the cannula going in. I remember the anaesthetist putting something into the cannula, and I remember hitting the doors as we were going into theatre and then I remember being back in my room.
Jane: Brilliant, did you have eye pads on when you went back to your room.
Roger: Yes, in recovery I had the eye pads on and for an hour or two afterwards. Then for another week, I was wearing eye shields every night because you rightly suggested if I had pads placed inside the shields, then I would not be able to walk around at night if I had to get up.
Jane: Yes, but with the transparent shields you could still see through them. With full eye pads you would not be able to get up in the middle of the night, which could be a bit awkward, especially when you are over aged 60, so you are 78, and I do prefer people to be mobile in their home. The transparent eye shields are ideal as they stop you from touching the pillow with your eyelids when you asleep and protect the wounds, that is great. I have not seen you for a whole week. I saw you on the day of surgery before surgery,

The recovery after the eyelid surgery

Jane: I saw you afterwards in the hospital on the same day, then I saw you again the morning after. How have you been for the last week? What was your recovery like at home?
Roger: Recovery has been good. I went to my sister for four or five days, and we walked along the Brae, looking at the river.
Jane: Could people see you have had surgery or you were wearing sunglasses?
Roger: I was wearing dark glasses, at your suggestion. I think the local newspaper thought they had a potential mafia headline because of the way I was walking around with heavy glasses. But the dark glasses saved too much bright light going in; they stopped dust going in and helped just prevent people staring and saying “what you had done?”
Jane: Yes, otherwise you have to explain to 20 different people what has been going on and you need your privacy.
Roger: Absolutely, yeah.
Jane: We kept you busy with other things, you had to do some eyelid cleaning and drops I believe?
Roger: Well, initially you kept me extremely busy with drops and antibiotics. The tablets I was taking I think were six a day for three days.
Jane: Yes, we put you on three days of steroids 30 mg a day for swelling, and we also gave you some antibiotics by mouth because your upper and lower lid surgery took a bit of time, about two and a half hours. So, I wanted to make sure that you were not at risk of infection there.
Roger: All the tablets had to be taken at odd times of the day, so I had to write a programme out because none of them actually linked in with each other. But, slowly they were being knocked on the head having finished the course, and now I am taking only antibiotic drops and the ointment at night. I clean the eyelids in the morning and again in the evening with the saline, and that is always quite a relief. It is surprising, the difference in the eyes with the actual cleaning, the right generally is much dirtier than the left. I don’t know why, but that is how it comes.
Jane: You have some little stitches that maybe produce a bit of mucous that is internal, and they will dissolve, so hopefully that will disappear soon.


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