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Don’t look so surprised – we can give you a non-surgical eyebrow lift that will look great. At Clinica London, I will treat your brow ptosis (descent of the eyebrow and the brow fat pads) with Botox (Botulinum toxin A) and not with surgery. I am not keen on surgery for eyebrow lifting because its effects can be short-lived, lasting only a few months. Surgery can also cause scarring, and there is increased downtime for you compared with having Botox. Botulinum toxin A has been used for many different reasons medically and has a role cosmetically in raising your eyebrows when I inject it into the forehead and outer eyebrows in a particular way. Your eyebrows are naturally lifted by the frontalis muscle, which is the forehead muscle running from the hairline down to the upper rim of the orbits. The eyebrows are depressed by the muscles between the medial end of the eyebrows, called the corrugator and procerus muscles,  and by the concentric ring of muscle around the orbit, known as the orbicularis oculi muscle. Some patients, particularly men, have very strong orbicularis oculi muscles. Although men have lower, straighter eyebrows than women, they often do not like the heaviness of their eyebrows and opt for a temporary chemical brow lift using Botulinum toxin A chemodenervation.In order to do this, I use particular points to inject Botox into the glabella; the upper, outer brow; the lateral orbicularis; and a tiny area of the forehead to maintain the shape of the eyebrow. This will give you an open-eyed look without creating eyebrow droop and the heaviness that goes with it. Instead, you will have a fresher, more open look. We can treat sagging eyebrows with medical injections rather than surgery using Botulinum brow lift. There is no need for most people to have tired-looking, sagging eyebrows, as I can easily raise them, as long as the person has enough forehead muscle to hold the brows up. A small number of people have very short and weak forehead muscles, and it is indeed more difficult to do a chemical Botulinum toxin A brow lift for these patients. I will advise you if you are suitable. The advantages of the Botulinum toxin A brow lift (or Botox brow lift) at Clinica London are that it is effective and non-invasive. The side effects are slight tenderness when you receive the injection and the risk of slight bruising and minor temporary swelling afterwards. These are the main potential complications. In addition, all injections of Botox around the eyes carry a small risk of secondary ptosis, which we believe is due to a problem with the neurovascular bundle to the eyelid. This is exceedingly rare, however. I have only seen two cases over the past ten years in my practice, and I do many hundreds of Botulinum anti-wrinkle treatments each year. A Botulinum toxin brow lift is repeatable and gives a very satisfactory result for the patient who feels they are beginning to look tired with heavy eyebrows.


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