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Oxygen perfusion and hyaluronate

Oxygen perfusion and hyaluronate

Exciting A-list skin treatment is now available at Clinica London!

Endorsed by Katherine Jenkins, Victoria Beckham and a host of other A-list celebrities, intraceuticals is an instantly effective, pain-free procedure which involves using oxygen under pressure and Hyaluronic Acid, an ingredient naturally found in the skin. Administered together via a special ‘pen-like’ implement they aid rapid absorption of specialised serums to all levels of the skin producing excellent results.

As no needles or injections are involved in the treatment, intraceuticals is being hailed as a pleasant alternative for those who might be reluctant to try Botox or fillers.

“This skin treatment is pleasant and yet still gets amazing results – it is like a bridge between medical treatment and a facial”, says our nurse. “Although intraceuticals works deeply within the skin achieving improved skin tone and lift, it doesn’t paralyze the nerves which can give a ‘frozen’ look.”

All the intraceutical oxygen-enriched cocktail of ingredients include vitamins and anti-oxidants. Also, there are three specific courses – Rejuvenation, Opulence and Atoxelene – each specially formulated to address the most common skin problems: wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and sun damage as well as blemishes.



Each treatment begins with a thorough cleansing to prepare the skin for the infusion. A fine mist of the specially selected serum is then sprayed on to the area to be treated – the face, hands or chest. Due to the tiny precision tip used to administer the pressurised oxygen, it is also possible to treat the area extremely close to the eyes. Finally, a moisture-binding cream is applied to seal in the moisture.

Especially during the first appointment, our nurse likes to pause after half the face has been treated so that the patient can compare and measure the instant results. The skin appears noticeably firmer and brighter and further improves after some hours and during the following three days. For maximum benefit, a course of six treatments together with a maintenance schedule of products for use at home is recommended.


What do people say?

The intraceutical fan base is growing fast and it includes a host of international make-up artists to the stars as well as the stars themselves. Many are happy to go public with their praise. It is known that Madonna has her own personal intraceutical machine andl therapist.

“There is nothing like intraceuticals”, said Victoria Beckham, “it helps you look and feel your best”.

While Desperate Housewives star, Eva Longoria thinks: “the treatments are a necessity before every major event”. Like many people who travel frequently, Naomi Campbell finds that her skin suffers. The supermodel thanks intraceuticals: “When constantly travelling I get dehydrated and intraceuticals is an absolute necessity to replenish my skin.”


What is the next step?

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