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Patient Options for eye surgery and treatments
With any treatment or surgery patients always have the option to consider no treatment.
Whenever I discuss a treatment or surgery with a patient, I always lay out the options to let the patient choose.  Having each patient involved in their treatment in crucial. We give each patient the opportunity to understand the risks of having their treatment or surgery, as well as what the options are. One of the options always has to be no treatment or surgery.
I am delighted that there has been a recent case where the Supreme Court have reported on the Montgomery Case. The court ruled that doctors must explain all the options to their patients. This includes the options they would not recommend. Doctors must let the patient choose for themselves.
Currently, we use the consent form which is often signed on the morning of the operation. We are working towards replacing this with a decision-making record that includes details of the discussion. The focus is much more on the specific needs of the patient in question. Reasonable time must be made for the consent process with the patient. It must not be rushed. The consent can be done either during the consultation or at the pre-surgery assessment consultation.
Clinica London supports this decision by the United Kingdom Supreme Court and the advice of the Royal College of Surgeons. We have made changes in the way we currently take consent from patients.


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