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Patients’ reviews are highly valued at Clinica London

Like all businesses that are pleased to open their doors to all patients and their reviews, there is nothing to stop the occasional poor review.
Very often, patients forget to leave a review and to them, we say “just because you are happy it is not enough to be quiet”. We invite you to write google reviews if you are happy with the care that we provide at Clinica London.
If you are disappointed with the treatment, we encourage you to contact us directly so we can improve how we offer our services to you and to our other patients. We want to listen to you. We love to have your feedback. If it is good, that is fantastic. If it is mediocre, we need to know as well so that we can get better at what we do. If it is poor, we want to find out how it has been poor and talk to you and see how we can make things better.
Clinica London, as a privately-owned skin and eye clinic, is here to serve our patients and give the best possible professional opinion and treatment. Without your feedback we would not know how we are doing so please keep reviewing and keep telling us what you think.
Here is the link for you to leave a Google Review.
With very best wishes for the rest of 2017,
Jane Olver,
Medical Director.


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