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How we can smoothen your wrinkles

We can perform wrinkle reduction through a variety of approaches, the most well known being injections of Botulinum toxin A into two muscles: the eyelid muscle, which is called the orbicularis oculi, and the glabella muscle, which is called the corrugator muscle.
Botulinum toxin A is an outpatient procedure that treats the hyperdynamic lines between the eyebrows, crow’s feet at the sides of the eyes, bunny lines on the sides of the nose and horizontal lines on the forehead. It does not treat the under-eye area.
Other treatments complement Botulinum toxin for wrinkle reduction. Filler hyaluronate gel is particularly good under the eye, where there can be wrinkles, tear troughs and dark circles. Filler hyaluronate, such as Restylane and Lidocaine, in the under-eye area is administered by cannula from a single port entry in the upper outer cheek. We will see you as an outpatient and carry out the procedure under local anaesthetic.
Other ways of reducing wrinkles include Intraceuticals Oxygen serum infusion and Ultherapy micro-focused thermocoagulation treatments,  which the nurses carry out here at Clinica London. Tretinoin cream can also be used regularly by the patient at home at night to stimulate collagen and hence reduce wrinkles.
The use of Restylane Skinboosters around the eyes and the face can help to reduce wrinkles. Skinboosters consist of lightly cross-linked hyaluronate gel. The treatment is particularly good for the wrinkles around the eyes and around the lower face and mouth area. It is not used for volumising but for smoothing out wrinkles, rehydrating the skin and rejuvenation.
I like to perform Skinbooster treatment on the ageing face in three to six sessions. Three sessions of Skinboosters performed one to two weeks apart will help boost not only the hydration of dull, aged, dry skin but also help to reduce small wrinkles and hollows around the mouth and lower face. For a super boost, I recommend six sessions. This is sometimes known as a medium or deep treatment depending on the quantity of Skinboosters used.
Because Skinboosters are being used to treat a greater area around the eyes and the mouth, we can use larger volumes: between three to six vials for the lower face and about three vials around the eyes.
Hydrating your skin with hyaluronate gel using Skinboosters superficial injections helps to eliminate wrinkles temporarily. Skinboosters last about six months to a year and can then be topped up or maintained with one or two vials as required.
Skinboosters consist of Restylane combined with Lidocaine – the injections do not cause much discomfort because the local anaesthetic is mixed with the gel. It is not necessary, but it is optional, when treating around the mouth area, to have a pre-treatment application of a local anaesthetic cream.
Most patients easily tolerate Skinbooster injections and are likely to come back for more, because they see the visible effects of the rehydration and wrinkle reduction from the treatment.


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