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Preparing for a wedding

Whether you are one of the wedding couple, a relative or a guest you want to look you best. After eight weeks before a wedding, you can have Ultherapy uplift around the jowls, under mandible area to help define and lift the lower face. About four weeks before the wedding, you can have dermal filler such as Restylane or Restylane Lyft or one of the Juvederm to help revolumisation of the lips, marionette lines, nasolabial lines, trans-cheek depressions and tear troughs. When done in the tear troughs this is called Tearfill; it is done especially with a cannula via a single port entry.
About three weeks before the wedding, you could have Botox as do not want to have a rigid looking face, but one that just looks refreshed with a few normal slightly moving lines, but not a fixed face and must look natural.
Eight weeks before the wedding, the skin can be prepared by using Tretinoin 0.05% at night, three times a week until about ten days before the wedding. Because it is summer, you also have to use an SPF 50 during the day to reduce blemishes and keep the skin healthy looking, luminant, vibrant and breathing.
A few days before the wedding, you can have Intraceuticals, which is oxygen infusion with a serum to rehydrate the skin. In between starting the Tretinoin and doing the Intraceuticals, there is an opportunity to have small amounts of Skinboosters injected by microdroplets into the skin particularly around the lower face and hands. Two to three sessions of Skinboosters are usually required, and the last injection should not be closer to the wedding than ten days before. The reason for this being there is always a small risk of a bruise.
These non-invasive procedure options will help get you ready for your event. Whether you be male or female and for all ages. Do not forget your hair, to get it coloured and cut beautifully about a week before the wedding and then the last wash, blow dry and style on the day or the day before.
May I take this opportunity to recommend two wonderful hairdressing salons in London that I have been fortunate to go to which are George Northwood and Michael Van Clarke. Not all people reading this blog are in London, but I want to just give them a very warm thank you for looking after me at various stages of my career and many times for professional and personal events.


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