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How to prevent chalazia
The four best strategies to prevent chalazia are as follows:

  1. Clean the eyelids. Do this twice daily with either make-up removal solution or with a proprietary solution, such as Blephasol. Do this first thing in the morning and before going to bed at night.
  1. Use warm or hot eyelid compresses. First thing in the morning use a warm or hot eyelid compress to heat the eyelids gently. Then remove superficial eyelash root sleepy dust and oils. The heating of the eyelid helps the oil to become softer and more liquefied. It is a little bit like a meibomian gland gym session. It helps the oil flow better, as well as helping to clean the lid margins. And that reduces biofilm and inflammatory reaction. Repeat it in the evening before bed. This is done with a hot flannel or special eye mask.
  1. Omega 3 Intake. Adopt a diet high in Omega 3’s with oily fish and Omega 3 supplements, such as Omega Eye. Eat lots of Flax seeds and other nuts.
  1. De-stress. So many times I come across patients with blepharitis at Clinica London who have got a little crop of chalazia. Very often that happens when they have been working hard and have been quite stressed. As a result, they have started to neglect cleaning the eyelids. As well as hormonal factors which make their blepharitis worse and predispose them to chalazia.


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