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Reintroducing Professor Michel Michaelides

Many of you have probably already met or heard of Professor Michel Michaelides, Consultant Ophthalmologist at Clinica London with a subspecialty interest in inherited retinal diseases. To describe Michel as a wizard is no less than he deserves as he is one of the top London Moorfields Eye Hospital, Institute of Ophthalmology and Clinica London consultants. He is known worldwide for his research in inherited retinal diseases such as Stargardt’s disease, retinitis pigmentosa, cone dystrophy, Leber amaurosis, and many other inherited retinal diseases, which afflict young people in their prime.
Michel works with us at Clinica London every Thursday afternoon. He works closely with our team of nurses, as many of the patients with inherited retinal diseases have to have special diagnostic imaging tests beforehand such as OCT, the SLO, visual fields, and autorefraction.
The nurses do these tests and then dilate patients’ pupils so that they can be seen by Michel Michaelides who then takes the history, does a family tree for the inheritance of inherited retinal disease, examines the retina and if needed requests further tests.
He then spends time explaining to the patient what the diagnosis is and what the likelihood is of it getting worse, how it will affect them, how quickly and what can be done. He is also able to put patients into research studies, as many of the inherited retinal diseases are quite rare and patients are required to be recruited into multinational studies in order to test various gene therapies gradually becoming available.

An exceedingly capable doctor with a bedside manner to match

Michel Michaelides may have a brain the size of the planet, but his personality is totally the opposite. He is gentle, non-assuming, very easy to get on with, and very personable for his patients. He explains clearly to them what the problem is and how it is likely to affect them. He also listens to them and puts them in touch with other patients or patient groups which care for their particular eye condition and can update them with the latest research available. He is very realistic and will not unduly raise the hopes of a patient if a therapy is not yet presently available for them. Many patients that go to see Professor Michaelides come without a firm diagnosis having seen several ophthalmologists before and he has the skill to help them go away with a firm diagnosis and the knowledge that either something could be done about it now or possibly in the future.

Professor Michel Michaelides brings world-class expertise to patients in London

Michel Michaelides sees international patients from all continents. Many patients will travel specifically to London from far off places just to see him. He sees children and adults with medical retina and inherited retinal problems.
Professor Michaelides frequently lectures internationally and attends medical conferences in order to exchange his research findings with those of other groups. He works with an excellent team at the Institute of Ophthalmology where he is responsible for at least six multinational studies. Anybody who sees Michel Michaelides is very privileged.
In summary, he is completely non-arrogant with a first class brain, a lovely manner with his patients and a great and gentle sense of humour. We adore having Professor Michaelides at Clinica London and I know that his patients love him too. He really helps patients understand their inherited retinal disease and offers realistic ways forward for them.
To book to see Michel, you can call Jenny Burrows on the number at the top of the website or by completing a form to the right-hand side of this page. He is fee assured with the medical insurance company BUPA and others and sees self paying patients.

In this video, Professor Michel Michaelides discusses his training and background


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