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How to protect your skin: part 2

Protect your skin: The role of pollen and the sun

Today, we will go over some other techniques to protect your skin. Protecting your skin from the sun and pollutants helps refresh and rejuvenate your face and around the eyes.
You have to protect your skin against dryness, irritation and the sun to look healthy and young. Having already decided on your moisturiser that will help you protect your skin against dryness, you can avoid skin irritation by avoiding all products which contain perfumes and parabens and by being diligent to clean your skin twice daily, at the same time lightly exfoliating to take off the superficial dead cells. That exfoliation can be done by using a Clarisonic brush.
You should avoid pollen, which can make your skin itch because of the release of histamines. This reaction works the same way as when your nose feels itchy and runny and your eyes swollen and watery. A histamine response causes you to blow your nose and rub your eyes and your skin also can become irritated with pollen. We tend to forget that.
The best way to avoid pollen is to wash it off. If you walk through a park, you will be exposed to pollen. If you stay indoors with windows shut when the pollen is high you will get less exposure.
If you wear sunglasses, you will keep pollen out of your eyes. If you wear sticky cream on your face, you are going to attract the pollen to stick on the face.
The best thing is to wash the pollen off your face, clothes, and hair when you get home using a gentle cleanser particularly one that has micellar water in it.
Micellar water is not a toner or a cleansing milk. It is a watery product that helps to remove makeup and cleanse the skin without the need for any rinsing. The French have known about micellar waters for a long time, and it has become established in France as a skin care essential.
The little micelles are small round balls of cleansing molecules that float in the water, and when you apply them with a cotton pad you sweep the pad across the face, and that picks up the pollen, debris, dust and pollutants.
Other ways of protecting the skin, of course, include sun protection. One of the best sun protections on the face is the Anthelios XL ultra light 50 plus by La Roche-Posay. There is also Sun Sense, which is an Australian brand and Heliocare, which is a Spanish brand. Both of which are highly recommended.
In summary, after cleansing and moisturising your skin, you should be thinking about protecting. You should protect during the day and protect at the end of the day. Don’t forget to wash the pollen off and also put sunscreen on daily.
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