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Pruritus: symptoms and treatment

Pruritus is a medical term for itching and it refers to a sensation of the skin which causes a deep desire to scratch. Itching is a very normal body response to help protect us from harmful external substances or parasites such as insect bites. However, it can also occur due to a wide range of skin and even internal diseases. If the itchy skin or pruritus lasts more than six weeks, it is then called chronic pruritus.
The British Association of Dermatologists is a very helpful site to go to for patient information leaflets about common skin problems. They publish an information leaflet on pruritus that I recommend you download if you’re interested in knowing more about this condition.
In the next few blogs, I will be going over various causes of pruritus including

  • seborrhoeic dermatitis
  • allergic contact dermatitis
  • lichen sclerosis
  • venous eczema
  • herpes zoster shingles
  • chicken pox
  • psoriasis and
  • atopic eczema

Dr Jennifer Crawley (GMC – 6051966) is the consultant dermatologist at Clinica London, and she is good at talking with patients who have red or itchy skin. She sees both children and adults at Clinica London with skin conditions. Dr Crawley works in the NHS as well as privately.
Her NHS practice is as a consultant dermatologist at UCH (University College Hospital). She has a specialist interest in dermatology. She has done a post-CCT clinical fellowship in inflammatory and immunobullous disease at St John’s Institute of Dermatology, Guys and St Thomas’ Hospital. Dr Crawley has established a dedicated specialist psoriasis clinic and biologic service at UCH.
In addition to her specialised dermatology, she sees general dermatology and skin cancer patients. She is also the lead for paediatric dermatology service within the University College London Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. Her research interest includes psoriasis, skin cancer and paediatric dermatology.
Dr Jennifer Crawley sees patients weekly at Clinica London, on a Monday afternoon. She can also see patients privately outside that clinical session by request. Please contact Jenny Burrows, the Clinica London Coordinator on the telephone number at the top to find out more about Dr Jennifer Crawley and her availability to see you. Both Jenny and Jennifer will be pleased to assist you.


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