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The removal of stitches after eyelid blepharoplasty and ptosis surgery

In this blog post, we learn about Mr R’s stitches, or sutures, as we refer to them medically. He had some buried sutures for the ptosis and skin sutures for the blepharoplasty. Only the skin sutures require removal. There were also some other buried sutures called the lateral canthopexy suture, and a couple of very fine absorbable sutures inside the eyelid.

Roger: I have 15 little stitches.
Jane: Oh, those are the stitches on the skin, I think you had 15 on the right and at least 12 on the left. So today we have been able to remove the stitches, and I can see that you have got a lot less bruising than you had when you sent us a post-op photo, which day was that?
Roger: I sent it to you I believe the evening after surgery.
Jane: Remind me, was surgery on the Tuesday or Monday?
Roger: It is on Wednesday.
Jane: Wednesday, the same day of the surgery.
Roger: And then I did photos Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
Jane: Sequential. Lovely, thank you very much. I remember seeing your photos by email and was quite struck by how purple looking bruises can look initially and I am pleased today that is beginning to settle, albeit going down your cheek a little bit. But, you do not look as though you have been in a fight any longer and you have a big smile on your face.
How are you finding the result of the surgery, what is better at the moment than from before the surgery?
Roger: Almost immediately, let’s say Thursday morning after the surgery, it was clearly better as I could see much more.
Jane: So day one.


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