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Rosacea eye symptoms

Rosacea eye symptoms can consist of red riming of the eyelids, irritation of the eyes, watering and even corneal marginal ulcer, as well as dryness. Patients who have rosacea are often already putting in lubricant eye drops or ointment and may have been on some topical anti-inflammatories to reduce the apparent inflammation around the eyes.
In order to help me diagnose ocular rosacea, I look for very fine blood vessels on the eyelid margins with a slit lamp examination, which is a microscopic x10 to x16 examination of the eyelids, margins and eye surface. With the slit lamp, I can tell whether someone has got rosacea and how badly it is affecting their eyes and lifestyle.
Eye irritation can often be more than it seems at first glance and can represent an underlying skin and eye condition. At Clinica London, we work closely with the dermatologist, Dr Jennifer Crawley, especially if there is evidence of acne rosacea as well as ocular rosacea. We will advise on the management of the ocular rosacea and Jennifer will give us and our patients additional support for their skin.
Treatment of ocular rosacea may involve a two to a four-month course of a low dose of an antibiotic such as Oxytetracycline or Lymecycline, which helps to alter the pH of the oil and makes the eyes more comfortable. With more normal meibomian gland function. In addition, the normal routine home care for blepharitis applies, with regular hot flannel heating, eyelid hygiene and supplemented by BlephEx and MiboFlo treatments at Clinica London.
Miss Jane Olver, Mr Jaheed Khan and Miss Laura Crawley all see patients with ocular rosacea symptoms for assessment and advice.


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