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When should I seek urgent eye care?

You should get urgent eye care if you cannot remove the corneal foreign body or foreign object with simple irrigation, if you think it has remained embedded in the eye, if the eye is red, if the eye is sore or if the vision is at all disturbed.
At Clinica London, we have rapid access for patients who have urgent eye problems and need to be seen.
If a patient has a corneal foreign body, they will most likely feel a gritty sensation each time they try to blink.  The foreign object may be a small bit of grit or a microsphere from cosmetics or a piece of rust from a car.
Very often one of the ophthalmic specialists at Clinica London can easily remove the corneal foreign body under a drop of local anaesthetic at the slit lamp using either a soft cotton bud or a sharper instrument such as a fine needle balanced carefully to pick the foreign body off.  Fortunately, you will not feel a thing because of the local anaesthetic. After the corneal foreign body has been removed, the eyelid is usually padded overnight, and then antibiotic ointment put in four times a day for a week. Follow up may be recommended.
If you think you may need urgent eye care, please contact us.


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